Gourmet Gift Baskets 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day is such a special day on which we honor our fathers that God has blessed us with. My father is in heaven now, but if he was still here on this earth, I would have loved to have given him three unique gifts from Gourmet Gift Baskets this year.

Gourmet Gift Baskets is a company that designs and creates beautiful gift baskets for holidays and all occasions, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day (July 4th), weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and much more!

I would like to share with you two gift baskets and a delicious cheesecake that I believe are great to give to any father on his special day.

Father's Day Orchard Fruit Basket: This gift basket is perfect for a dad that loves fresh fruit, nuts, and really wants to eat healthier food.  The basket contains big red apples, juicy pears, oranges, Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese by Cabot, sea salt caramel sauce, milk chocolate sea salt caramels, chocolate covered cherries, roasted and salted peanuts, hors d'oeuvre crackers, milk chocolate sea salt caramels, salted and roasted peanuts, and assorted citrus candies. The cheddar cheese tastes so good, is soft, has a smooth texture, and pairs well with the crackers. Also, the pears and apples taste great when dipped in the yummy sea salt caramel sauce.  The only item that I wish that there was more of is the milk chocolate caramels, which come with only two pieces in a package  and I think that at least four  pieces would be better. The chocolate covered cherries are huge and have a wonderful flavor and are covered with thick chocolate.  All of the aforementioned items are beautifully arranged in a basket that is sure to please. Price: $79.99

Italian Dinner for Dad:  If your dad likes to eat Italian food, then this is the perfect gift basket for him. There are so many items in this basket- enough to make an Italian dinner extravaganza!  Yes, dad can have a four course meal on Father's Day with such a great selection of award winning foods to put together authentic Italian dishes. It comes with- Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce by Cuina & Amore, Arborio Rice by Cucina & Amore, Lemon Wafer Bites by Dolcetto, Sagne Tort Organic Artisan Pasta by Morella, Arborio Rice by Cucina & Amore, Marinated Artichoke Hearts by Cucina & Amore, Vineyard Herb Tuscan Crisps by Turback, Polenta by Cucina & amore, Tuscan Minestrone soup by Bountiful Pantry, Amaretti di Sarrono by Lazzaroni, Basil Pesto Alla Genovese by Ccia & Amore, and Pistachio Biscotti by Cucina & Amore. Every item tastes great and authentic, including the Pistachio Biscotti which tastes good with coffee, tea, or just by itself.  I know that this basket is a little pricey, but it is definitely worth it, especially for dad.  Price: $129.99

Key Lime Cheesecake: I know my dad loved the fresh scent of lime, so I believe he would have really enjoyed this cheesecake. Also, I would like to mention that Gourmet Gift Baskets has a monthly cheesecake club which offers  a different flavor of cheesecake for every month of the year. For the month of June, the flavor of the month is Key Lime. This is a rich and tart cheesecake with a smooth texture that is made with the juice of fresh limes and is covered and topped with a light crème. If your dad likes limes or lime flavoring, then this is the cheesecake for him and is the perfect dessert to top off his special day. It comes in two sizes-  6"-$29.99 and 9"-$42.99

Father’s Day only comes once a year and shopping for dads is not always easy, but the three aforementioned items from Gourmet Gift Baskets are sure to please and bring sheer delight to fathers of all ages.

I hope that every father will truly have a wonderful Father's Day this year!

You can find the gift baskets, cheesecake, and much more by going to- www.gourmetgiftbaskets.com

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