85C Bakery Cafe in Pasadena, California (Review)

by Philippa Lane

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to review the 85C Bakery Café in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, California and I would like to share with you what I liked about it and why I think that the cafe is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy unique and delicious breads, pastries, teas, or their famous sea salt coffee.

It is easy to get to the 85C Bakery Café whether you drive, take a bus, rideshare, bike, or walk. If you drive, there is metered street parking, so you can only park there for a certain period of time. Also, you can find parking in nearby parking structures in which some of them allow you to park for free for the first 90 minutes.

The 85C Bakery Café had its beginnings in 13 years ago in Taiwan and quickly spread and gained popularity across Asia, changing the coffee industry with their specially made iced sea salt coffee that has a salty/sweet taste to it. There are now more than 1000 stores all over the world. The bakery has both an Asian and European flare and offers a variety of delicious ingredients, such as a squid ink, coffee milk butter, coconut, tuna, green tea, and cheese to many of their delectable recipes. Fresh baked goods, such as bread and cakes are made fresh daily. I personally like their Boba Iced Green Tea, which tastes so good and is made with real Matcha Green Tea. I had never had a Boba drink before, so I loved drinking this tea and chewing on the yummy bobas that were resting at the bottom of the cup.

When my daughter and I entered the bakery, we immediately noticed how big the café was with many tables and chairs located throughout the bakery. Towards the left side of the bakery there is a spacious area where you can help yourself to various fresh baked goods, choose your favorites, place them on a tray, and then take your selections up to the cash register to pay for them.

Shortly after our arrival, we were greeted by a friendly person named Christopher who was in charge of showing and telling us all about the 85 C Bakery Cafe. He was so hospitable and informed my daughter and I about the bakery, beverages, and current specials. We were able to sample so many breads, bakery goods and drinks such as:

  • ·        Berry Tale- a sweet bread filled with blueberry cream cheese and a dollop of blueberry jam on top.
  • ·        Hokkaido Cheese Tart- crispy almond tart with a distinct cream cheese filling.
  • ·        Whole Wheat Mushroom- whole wheat bread with a parsley, mushroom, and cheese mixture on top.
  • ·        Cheese Bites- nine pieces of bite size cheesecake.
  • ·        Matcha Sponge Roll- Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) flavored sponge roll with fresh cream and red beans.
  • ·        Marble Taro Bread- a top seller, filled with their signature Marble Taro filling and mixed grains.
  • ·        Berry Multigrain- a healthy choice of whole wheat bread mixed with dried cranberries.
  • ·        Boroh Danish- a classic soft Danish Bread made with a crunchy Boroh layer on top.
  • ·        Calamari Stick- a delicate squid ink based bread with swiss cheese inside and topped with their signature garlic spread.
  • ·        Egg Tart - a Portuguese style egg tart with a rich egg custard on top of a flaky puff pastry.

My favorites were the Marble Taro, Cheese Bites, Whole Wheat Mushroom Bread, and Berry Tale.  I can understand why the Marble Taro is their top seller, because it is soft and tastes so good.  We were also able to taste quite a lot of beverages. My daughter had an iced sea salt coffee and I had a café latte hazelnut coffee which tasted great an iced green tea with boba, and.  My daughter loved the sea salt iced coffee, which was made with iced coffee, sugar, cream, sea salt, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder on the top.

We were able to take many products home in a beautiful carry bag. All of the baked goods were individually wrapped in their own clear bags and placed in a lovely carry box and bag. Christopher also gave us four red 85C Bakery Café Mugs that look very nice and can be used at home to drink coffee or tea from.

The 85C Bakery Café is the perfect place to go to when you are in a hurry and you just want to grab a quick bite to eat, enjoy delicious baked goods and unique one-of-a-kind beverages, or just want to sit and enjoy the 85 C Bakery Café’s atmosphere. I just want to mention that because all of the bakery items are made fresh daily, the company gives back to the community by donating the baked goods that are not sold that day to many charities around the city. I think that it is wonderful that instead of throwing the food away, they give high quality items to many organizations that help people in need who are hungry.

I was very pleased with my experience at the 85C Bakery Café and my meeting with Christopher who is the public relations coordinator. I highly recommend to anyone who likes fresh baked items and would like to try delicious beverages, such as sea salt coffee to come to the 85C Bakery Café.  My daughter and I truly had a wonderful experience and plan to come back again soon.

To find out more about the 85C Bakery Café, please go to- http://www.85cbakerycafe.com

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